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Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
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 15 reviews
by Greg R. Watson on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Amazing Recovery

The Internet is ridiculously hazardous when it comes to threats like viruses and wrong-doers. Thank goodness, I have you as a backup, with your raid recovery. The skills of your specialists are second to none, and it's obvious that they know the details of the task, as they managed to retrieve all my info.

by Clara A. Scott on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Efficient Service, I'm Very Pleased

Fast data recovery was a must in my situation. You came on time and did your job. It was accomplished by a very skilled young man, who acted like a miracle worker and saved all the valuable info. You helped me out greatly. I would have been in a big trouble without you. Thank you!

by Robert A. Holl on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Quick and Productive

I called this company because I needed their help for computer data recovery. It was a most unfortunate situation because basically, my life was on that hard drive - personal info, pics, documents, all of that. And no backup. I was really worried. But you helped me out with this situation and for that, I feel it's my duty to share how grateful I am.

by Donna K. Thomas on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Excellent Service, I'm Relieved

We are depending on high-tech gadgets more than ever and with all the conveniences come many other failures. Like the malfunction of my hard drive, for example. Thank goodness, I have you as my top-notch data recovery specialists and I can always rely on you. Thank you for your reliability and precision. This was a very important matter.

by Edwardo N. Thompson on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
My Precious Info Is Safe

You did an admirable job safely retrieving the truckload of info that was my hard drive. I'm glad that I hired you for data recovery service and I will be quick to call you again if I fall into another awkward situation like this. And of course, you can rely on me for recommendations. Kudos!

by Bart Baker on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
good repairs

My laptop has always found ways to annoy me, be it with its faulty battery, which I have replaced twice already, or another hardware problem. Since I discovered your computer repair service, my life changed. If you repair something, it stays fixed, which wasn’t the case with the previous guys who handled my laptop dramas.

by Camille Rogers on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
understanding and inexpensive

If you are looking for fast data recovery, especially from an older desktop computer like the case with me, these guys are definitely a good place to ask for help. They are understanding and inexpensive.

by Dana Smart on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Special Thanks

My special thanks to your entire team and the amazing work they did with the computer data recovery I needed. Keep up the good work and don’t take this the wrong way, but I really hope I never need this service again!

by P. Powell on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Thank you

My business would have been lost without you and your speedy data recovery assistance. Working at a copy center makes your PCs prone to getting all kinds of viruses and problems. I appreciate having you on speed dial whenever we need you, thank you!

by Maria G. Smith on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
I’d recommend

I’ve never seen eye to eye with computers and mine was probably the most virus infested laptop in the world. I followed a link on an article I was reading and it apparently was a scam to get me a new virus. Everything I clicked after that just disappeared. I was in such shock and I didn’t even realize it was a virus. These guys inspected it and told me it was one of the fancy viruses that wipe out your data. Thankfully, they managed to restore some chunks of it. I’d really recommend their data recovery service.

by Jordan W. Rice on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Reasonable Prices

I was convinced that your raid recovery service would drain my savings but to my surprise, I was wrong. You assisted me for a reasonable price which didn’t put a dent in my monthly budget. I am beyond impressed with your professionalism, competence, and work ethics.

by Anton G. Muller on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Good Services

I was looking for a fast data recovery service and many business partners referred me to your company. After our phone talk, I was sure that you were the right people for the job and my instincts were correct. You restore all the lost information and even took the time to give me some tips in case I accidentally delete sensible data in the future.

by Becky D. Booker on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Thank You

Words aren’t enough for me to express my gratitude. I was sure that all my projects were gone and I would get fired for my sloppiness. Fortunately. I found your company online and decided to use your computer data recovery services. You stood by your words and truly restored all the formatted information. You are truly a lifesaver.

by Carla A. Amoros on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Top-Grade Company

I have been working with your data recovery company for a few years and you have never disappointed me. You are always ready to lend a hand and restore my PC’s lost information. Your reputation does you justice and I am happy to refer your services. Keep up the great work.

by George S. Franklin on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Reliable Specialists

I needed a data recovery service as my laptop stopped working and its HDD got fried. You restore all my sensitive and personal information. Your prices were reasonable and well within my budget. I am keeping your contact details as I am more than satisfied with your assistance.

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