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Computer Data Recovery in Santa Monica,CA

A Professional Data Recovery Service You Can Afford

Businesses these days rely on computers for all operations. When an accident happens, it can be catastrophic. While rare, you need to avoid these situations at all costs. No one wants to experience a complete system failure, but when it does happen, the corporations and individuals in Santa Monica, CA know they can count on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica. We have been in business since 1992, and since then, we have been providing the finest data recovery service on the market.

Our Services

IT Support

IT Support

Our office is located in Santa Monica, CA, but our services are available nationwide. Just let us know what you need, and our IT support technicians will get the work done. We can fix your damaged equipment in our repair centers. We offer shipping services and have various payment options.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Want to keep a backup of all your files remotely? If so, then you should definitely call us for our cloud computing solutions. You can access your information from anywhere – cloud computing is different than traditional hosting. It is elastic and fully managed by us, your trusted partner.

Data Recovery

We can recover valuable information from hard drives, laptops, Macs, Power Books, external hard drives, thumb drives, flash memory cards, camera cards, DVDs, CDs, and CD-RWs. We recover data from hard disks from all manufacturers, including Samsung, Seagate, Maxtor, and more.

RAID Recovery

Our technicians can work on RAID 0/1/2/3/4/5/0+1/1+0/5+0 as well as multiple HD, degraded RAID, and more. They can restore corrupt arrays and help with Buffalo TeraStation NAS recoveries. If the recovery is successful, we can restore the data to any media of your choice.

Server Recovery

Server Recovery

Whether it comes to exchange servers, single drive servers, SQL database servers, or Linux servers, call our computer data recovery experts. They have a complete set of software tools to help them analyze, destripe, fix, and recover all operating systems.

Why Choose Us?

Our WorkRegardless of your business, we will assist you in recovering your information. Business entities should always have a comprehensive data protection plan to protect their vital data. Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica offers fast data recovery and convenient IT support services to help you facilitate all your processes. We are your trusted partner and will never charge you more than you anticipated for such services. We know that others might take advantage of you when you are most desperate. We are not like this. We care about our valued clients and do our utmost to help them.

Our Process 

We have a record of data & RAID recovery services that are unmatched! We treat our clients individually and keep all information confidential. We utilize advanced technology and tools to address your needs in the fastest and most effective manner possible. We will deliver the desired results on time and within your budget. Allow us to handle your needs so you can recover the data you need quickly and efficiently, according to your private data policy.

Competent Technicians

At Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica, we believe anyone working on your data restoration should have the right experience and qualifications, which is why we have carefully background-checked and selected our technicians. Each specialist on our staff is a well-trained professional who can work on all kinds of devices. We subject our team to regular training because we understand the competitive and ever-evolving nature of our profession. Our mission is to offer individuals and businesses innovative solutions that lead to the complete recovery of their lost information. We handle all jobs while keeping non-stop, transparent communication because honesty is important to us. Choosing our services means choosing excellence.

What Do We Do?

We believe commitment, responsibility, coherence, proactive customer service, and integrity are crucial to building a robust, dependable company that can overcome every challenge. We adhere to that standard and utilize top-grade equipment to deliver outstanding data recovery and IT support services that will meet your unique requirements. Our extensive experience, dedication, and proficiency allow us to achieve amazing results and surpass the expectations of our clients. We work with rigor, attentiveness, competence, and character and answer any inquiries our customers have for us. With a solid reputation for dependability and excellence, we look forward to assisting you. Contact us today!

Computers and devices, like other technology, are subject to failure on occasion. Even the most sophisticated backup system might have some flaws. When you need reliable computer data recovery services, call Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica in Santa Monica, CA. 

Client’s Testimonial

by Greg R. Watson on Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
Amazing Recovery

The Internet is ridiculously hazardous when it comes to threats like viruses and wrong-doers. Thank goodness, I have you as a backup, with your raid recovery. The skills of your specialists are second to none, and it's obvious that they know the details of the task, as they managed to retrieve all my info.

Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica
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  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • MAC/Power Book Data Recovery
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Thumb Drive Data Recovery
  • Flash Memory/Camera Card Data Recovery
  • DVD/CD/CDRW Data Recovery
  • RAID Recovery
  • Multiple HD Recovery
  • Degraded Raid Recovery
  • Restore Corrupt Array and Buffalo Terastation NAS
  • Exchange and Single Drive Server Recovery
  • SQL Database and Linux Server Recovery
  • Cloud Computing
  • IT Support

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