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More About Our Secure RAID Recovery Service

Raid Recovery In Santa Monica, CAHere, at Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica, the RAID recovery service is affordable, professional, and secure. The technician at our workshop in Santa Monica, CA is seasoned experts who have extensive experience in IT support and management services. They recover RAIDs and servers with any type of configuration including Network RAIDs and Virtual Servers. Stay here to find out more about how we do that.

What is RAID?

The acronym that stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. This system is made of two or more hard drives connected together to create data striping or mirroring. The array is formed by attaching the disks to hardware drive controller, and this combination of disks allows for redundant information storage. A server in a striped array performs faster, while a RAID in a mirrored array will be slower.

What is the RAID Recovery Process?

Our technicians in Santa Monica, CA follow a set of protocols for recovering failed systems. Every hard drive we receive undergoes cloning. This ensures data redundancy and prevents further deterioration of the system. Then, our specialist makes an initial examination to find out what is wrong with the system. Then he extracts all the available data from the hard drives and assembles it again.

Call a Specialist

The recovery process relies on several key information factors. Each drive in the array needs to be correctly labeled in the position of the array. The type and model of the system design are necessary to understand the data construction. Then, the expert working on the problem has to know whether you attempted to rebuild the drives yourself. It is very important that you leave a skilled technician with lots of experience to handle the matter.

The RAID recovery process is not simple, and we, at Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica, are here to ensure you receive only the finest quality and service. We offer the latest most advanced equipment for hard drive recovery on RAID arrays. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about these systems. So, if your RAID fails, bring your hard drive to our workshop in Santa Monica, CA and let our experts analyze it. Book an appointment at (310) 935-1506 now.