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Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica has more than 20 years of experience with computer repair services. If you are in need of computer repair for your PC or laptop, then Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica is here to fix the problem. We have been helping people throughout the Santa Monica community who are not so proficient with computers to fix the problems that they have both in their homes and offices.

First class repair services for PC's and laptopsFirst class repair services for PC’s and laptopsOne of the biggest threats to a computer is an infection by malicious software. This is software that is a virus or malware. Your system can get infected by opening an mail that has a malware file or opening a website that runs attempts to install a malicious file. The process to clean out a system of an infection is about one to two hours long. No matter if those infections occur on your desktop computer or a laptop computer contact us and we will immediately arrive and fix your problems offering you extremely affordable rates tailored around your budget.

Computers often have equipment that fails, including internal components and accessories. The motherboard is the heart of your computer – unfortunately it is one of the elements that fails most frequently and may cause great problems for you and your business. Another common components that may fail are your internal fans that help the air circulate are keep the internal parts of your computer cool. That is why if you hear a loud noise when your computer is running, hurry up to call Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica to come and clean the fans of your computer, as if you fail to do that soon after you notice the problem it may rise up and cause a lot of other major issues that will require you to invest a lot more in the future.

Peripherals that connect to your computer may not work properly as well. These most often include your printer, scanning device or a USB. Usually that is caused by a missing software driver – let us discover the reasons for your problems and fix them all without overcharging you for that. Contact us by email or at (310) 935-1506 if you require computer repair in Santa Monica. Any problem with your computer will be solved in no time if you use the quality services of Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica. Our professional assistance will restore your PC equipment back to working condition. Our assistance is available 7 days a week so contact us and appoint a service whenever is convenient for you, no matter if it will be during the week day or at the weekend. We will never fail to amaze you with our quick responsiveness, efficiency and ability to match any budget.



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