Having a computer goes hand-in-hand with dealing with computer problems. Even now, as I am writing this article, my computer is doing strange noises. I am going to look into that later – for now, let me introduce you to the most common computer problems. For some of them contacting a computer repair service provider is not optional – it is mandatory.

1. My home page/search engine/web browser has changed!
The most likely scenario is that your computer was high-jacked by a spyware program. The rogue software probably entered your system via social networking or an e-mail link. The spyware program then proceeds to install a java script into your web browser in order to communicate with it. This results in the spyware program tell your web browser what to do – for example changing your user settings.

2. I am hearing a strange noise!/I sense a strange vibration!
In most cases the strange noises and vibrations are a hardware issue. Since a computer is made of many, many parts, one of them going haywire is not something uncommon. For example, a dysfunctional fan will cause overheating, which in turn may lead to an expansion of the wires. When you encounter this problem you might want to call for a computer repair service.

3. My computer keep turning on and off out of the blue!
This problem is also usually caused by malfunctioning hardware. One of the possible reasons is a depleted power supply – in this case all cables should be inspected. The more interesting possible reason is a dirty or defective cooling fan. When not properly air-conditioned, the computer attempts to cool itself by simply shutting down. Proper cooling fan maintenance is in order for this problem to be fixed.

4. Oh, no! The Blue Screen of Death!
One of the most common computer problems, along with freezes and crashes, is the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. It usually is a serious issue – probably caused by a malicious spyware program. Other reasons for crashes and freezes include outdated drivers and lack of virtual memory.

5. My computer was not that slow yesterday!
There are a number of reasons for decreased computer performance. The most probable one is simple lack of maintenance. Abominations such as fragmented data, spyware, a corrupted registry or a bunch of unnecessary programs may take away all of your computer’s performance and speed.

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