Businesses that grow will require additional resources, such as computer networking. When a business has multiple computers in use, then a network solution is necessary. If you are planning on the addition of a computer network option for your business, then Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica is your solutions. We are a local PC and internet provider with 20 years of computer networking experience. Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica is able to provide a network design and support for your Internet network soon after you give us a call at (310) 935-1506. We offer services in Santa Monica and the surrounding communities selling networking products from many top equipment providers.

Let us design and build your computer networkLet us design and build your computer networkThe computer networking solutions for your business that we will offer you once you call us will be designed to meet your needs. If you already have a dedicated connection at your building, then some performance analysis will be done to find out where your networking issue is located. We are also able to determine if terminal services will be beneficial and perform them for you if necessary. We will also make a recommendation for the type of firewall and security for your network that you need. The capacity of your new network has to be determined as well, after we arrive at your commercial or residential property to perform a service. A backup solution for your data can also be set up upon your request for a modest price. This can include the use of a tape backup system or off-site storage.

In order to set up a small business computer network Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica will decide on the spot whether to make it a peer-to-peer setup or a client-server one. Actually, both networks connect computers so that resources can be shared between them but there are some fundamental differences in the setup configuration. Let our friendly technicians attend your house or office and recommend you the most suited option for you, calculating the best quote, tailored around your budget. Contact us today at (310) 935-1506to schedule a consultation to discuss your business networking and repair needs. We are open 7 days a week and can schedule any job according to your busy schedule.