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At Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica, we have been data recovering and repairing customer’s computers for over 20 years and we still service most of the same customers today. We have helped many of them grow from one computer and no internet, to a full blown network of several computers, wireless internet printers, wired internet and other gadgets, including network connections across different locations in Los Angeles and around the U.S. We offer 100% customer satisfaction beacause we know that you don’t keep customers as long as we have by treating them poorly.

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Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica

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From removing malicious viruses to data recovery and ensuring complete network protection, we can handle all your computer and laptop repair and maintenance requirements. We also offer a complete replacement of any faulty or damaged laptop components and hardware parts. We stock a wide range of spare parts including motherboards, laptop screens, hard drives, processors, batteries, AC adapters and keyboards so we can get your notebook repaired as quickly as possible.

We use first class technology to assure all your computer needs are met. Whether it’s a computer repair, virus removal, setting your network or data recovery, we make sure to address all of your concerns, while always providing exceptional service.

We are very proud of how our business has grown so much over the years and that we are able to provide even better quality services today.

Services We Offer

  • Computer Repair Service
  • Data Recovery Service
  • Raid Hard Drive Recovery Services
  • Computer Data Recovery
  • IT Support
  • Manage Service
  • And More


Fast Data Recovery Santa Monica Santa Monica, CA 90401


(310) 935-1506


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Work Hours

Today - 9:00 am-8:00 pm

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